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About our Blooms

Every flower that is put in your bouquet is grown from the very beginning, whether it be a seed, tuber, corm, etc. We find so much joy in the entire process of growing specialty cut-flowers. We practice sustainable gardening and never use any pesticides or herbicides in the garden. Most importantly, all of our blooms are tended to with so much love.


Local blooms

Blooms on Lincoln Ave originally started in Old Town Clovis on (you guessed it) Lincoln Ave. In the summer of 2022, we moved to a farm in the west Fresno area! Our flower farm is now located near Olive and Grantland. Although we have a lot more space to grow, we still consider ourselves as a micro-flower farm. Our blooms can be limited at times.

Seasonal Flowers

 All of our blooms are seasonal. This means that there are certain flowers that prefer cooler weather and bloom in the spring and others that thrive in the heat of the summer.

Our flowers are generally only available from March through October. 


Our Bouquets and Arrangements

Unless stated otherwise, our bouquets and small arrangements are generally mixed with whatever is in bloom in our garden. For bouquets, we cannot guarantee specific varieties and colors of certain blooms, but we can assure you that all of your flowers will be cut fresh! For small arrangements, you may request a color scheme or specific flowers. If we do not have those flowers available, we will happily source them from other local flower growers in the Fresno County.


You can view our flower availability in our SHOP.

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