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How it all started...

Hi flower friends!


My name is Reyna Cozad and I am so incredibly passionate about growing flowers. My love for gardening started back in 2016. Shortly after having my son Levi, I began to struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety. It was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve ever experienced. I vividly remember Googling “What can I do to feel better after having a baby?” After all my research, I decided to take up gardening. I purchased a couple houseplants and some succulents and herbs for my patio. It turns out I wasn’t so amazing at caring for houseplants (they died within a month). But my outside plants seemed to have liked my heavy hand overwatering them and their sunny patio location. I began buying more outside plants and before I knew it, my patio was covered in them. I found joy in growing things and felt connected to the bees and sunshine.  

I stumbled upon the world of cut flowers in 2019. I grew herbs, vegetable and fruits, why wouldn’t I be able to grow my own flowers for my table too?  So I sowed some seeds and hoped for the best. That summer I watched the process of a tiny seed growing and eventually blooming into these gorgeous flowers. I still can’t fully describe how much in awe I was watching those first blooms open in my garden, but I can say that I was hooked instantaneously. By mid-summer, I had way too many flowers than I knew what to do with so I began to give out flowers to friends and family. I’ll never forget their faces after they received a bouquet. I knew that I wanted to share more of my flowers with people.

In 2021, I decided to take the leap and start selling bouquets from my garden. To my surprise, there were so many people interested in locally grown flowers. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the beautiful people I’ve met. Gardening started off as my saving grace when I was struggling with my mental health and then slowly, turned into a small family business. It's as if my life came full circle. 

Flowers are so magical. Whether you grow your own, purchase some for self care, or gift some to a loved one, flowers have a way of connecting us to the earth and to other humans. I truly believe that they are joy, positivity and love in a physical form. I’m very blessed to be able to share some of my blooms with you.



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